Every Superbowl Sunday

We’re not holiday card kind of people. During the season most of the industry is spread pretty thin- so we tried to think of another way to give back. We wanted an event to bring friends, family, colleagues, competition and clients together where people would say, “holy shit this is fun.” So we thought in terms of a universal language: football and #Revelbowl was born.

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  • Site Management
  • Food & Beverage Oversight

“I was this close to not going on account of a blizzard of about 12 inches, but I'm so glad I did. I wound up drunk, stuffed full of good food, and saying "Damn that was fun" the next day.”– Yelp Reviewer

Of Snow
How We Did It

The first #Revelbowl was held at the Revel Post Office in 2010. That year we experienced one of Chicago’s famous snowstorms and had to hand shovel the tented yard the morning of the event. Still, 150 people showed up to celebrate. Last year, we had another crazy snowstorm at our Katy Perry themed #Revelbowl event at Union Station. Despite absurd amounts of snow, 750 of the 790 people that RSVP’d attended.

cream shots
were all the rage
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