While we call our fine city home, in this day and age we can work with you no matter the zip code. Connections come in all shapes and size and locales. 

You know that phrase, “Go big or go home”? We didn’t invent it, but we’ve definitely perfected it. With the Windy City serving as our home base, we’re fortunate to have access to innovative minds, creative thinkers and serious shakers. Thinking big is only part of the process; the true fun happens when our ideas turn into real-life experiences. Our events are head-turning occasions that are meant to be memorable — no matter how small or large the task or location.

Turning Top Markets Into Unbelievable Venues

Some event marketing agencies shy away from explosive ideas or huge markets. After all, it’s easy to be eaten alive by the competition if you’re not amazing at what you do.

Don’t worry, we eat those companies for dinner. We stand toe to toe with challenges, facing major obstacles in some of the biggest markets in the U.S. and delivering outstanding results every time.

The way we see it, every major market is just one gigantic stage, and all the people are one huge audience waiting to be wowed. Revel Global Events has a paramount presence in some of the biggest cities in the United States, including:

  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Nashville
  • Dallas
  • Seattle
  • Indianapolis
  • Kansas City
  • Washington, D.C.

We work from coast to coast, which also means we meet everywhere in the middle. We’ll go anywhere in the United States because, really, our novel approach to event planning has no boundaries. In fact, our success is largely based on the fact that we have a habit of saying yes.

What We Do

Revel Global Events is your go-to resource for all things awesome.

Live & Virtual Events
An impeccable eye for detail goes a long way in making sure your big day — personal, corporate or otherwise — goes off without a hitch either in person or virtual or a combination of both. Today we are planning for the unexpected so you don’t have to.


Experiential Marketing
Want consumers to remember you? Then you need to remember us! We’ve cracked the consumer-journey code, and our approach will leave your campaign with high marks in the minds of your audience.


Destination Management
Hark! Who goes there? Honestly, who really cares as long as they get there safely and effortlessly, right? Our team of Chicagoland destination experts will ensure you get an experience only locals could provide.


Star Power
We rub elbows, then, we spread that stardust onto our workspace. Our talent procurement team can provide celebrities, athletes, performers and professional auctioneers.

Are you ready to revel in the success of a Revel Global Events phenomenon? Let’s talk! Reach out to our team of event planning pros to get started today.

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