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Planning a conference is a huge undertaking. Finding the appropriate venue is just the beginning. From there, you have to work with vendors of all sorts — including sponsors, exhibitors, keynote speakers, workshop facilitators and dozens of other professionals who fit into niches to create a conference that’s meaningful to everyone who attends. The work is exhausting (and seemingly endless). If you’re trying to plan a conference alone, you can easily become overwhelmed or miss an important step that could throw off the entire event.

That’s why you don’t want to do it alone!

Revel Global Events is your go-to conference event management partner. With our expertise in planning and managing conferences, you’ll have the most memorable convention possible. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-professional annual meeting, or you’d like to incorporate experiential elements that keep guests talking long after the event is over, we promise you won’t find another conference event planner that has the creative minds and won’t-say-no attitude that we do.

What's the Point of Hosting Conferences, Anyway?

If there’s so much work involved in putting a great conference together, why would anyone go through the effort?

Well, there’s a lot to be said for getting many like-minded individuals in one place at one time.

1. Exposure
No matter your industry, exposure is key if you want to attract new customers and continue to impress those who already know about you. Traditional and digital marketing can only do so much because you’re still at the mercy of hoping people click on your ads or open your direct mailers. With conferences, you put yourself right in front of the people who can make major things happen for your company. Generally speaking, the people who attend conferences are decision makers. They’re the movers and shakers of their employers, often attending trade shows with the intent of making purchases or learning about potential partners with whom they can work in the future.

If you’re not in the direct line of sight, your competitors will be.

Eliminate competition by putting your company’s name at the top of the conference. That brings us to point No. 2.

2. Brand Positioning
You know you’re better than the rest, but how do you tell the world about this fact?

You show them!

Conference events offer the rare opportunity to interact with people in your industry in a face-to-face, real-time environment. Show them who you are, why you’re better, and how your products or services could change their lives.

You’re hosting this party, and your brand is center stage. Now, it’s time to make something of this real-life marketing real estate. Companies that have the cajones to host conferences are leaders in what they do. People remember their brands and instinctively see them as authority figures in their industries.

You want to be the big-name brand everybody looks up to, don’t you?

3. Continuing Education
Lectures, workshops and speakers provide a lot of awesome information during conferences. Break-out sessions and lunch-and-learn groups facilitate a greater understanding of what may have changed as a result of technology, consumers’ expectations or any number of factors.

Getting everyone in one place is a powerful way for leaders to share their knowledge and learn from others who have the know-how to succeed.

Why Utilize a Professional Conference Event Management Company?

For starters, you want everything to go off without a hitch.

That’s what we do!

Revel Global Events ensures:

  • Increased attendance: We know how to advertise to the right people and position your conference as a must-attend event.
  • Maximum ROI: The sponsors who will be in your booths understand the importance of building their brand recognition.
  • Wow effects: Keep guests and exhibitors talking for weeks or months after the last booth has been packed.
Common Conference Services Provided by Revel Global Events

We’ll take care of everything from top to bottom — or, we’ll just help you fill the gaps where you need a little assistance. Our team is highly skilled in the art of:

  • Full-service conference planning
  • Event management
  • Audio/visual (A/V) services, including webcasting
  • Vendor relationships


How to Get Started

Conference planning isn’t something that should be left to the amateurs. When you have a ton of people to impress, and your name is on the line, you need event-planning experts in your corner.

Are you ready for your conference events to be the talk of the town? Let’s get started! Connect with us today, and we’ll take it from there!

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