Event Management

At Revel Global Events, we have a habit of saying yes. There are no production plans too massive for us to tackle, and no details too small for us to manage. The combination of our passion and expertise in event planning and our unparalleled creativity makes us the best and brightest in the game. We know innovation is king and that’s what makes our work unique. We don’t simply follow your plans — we breathe life into them.

Why Hiring an Event Management Company Has Its Advantages

When you trust the right event production company to handle your events, the guesswork is busted from the equation, and all the hard work gets handled on your behalf. At Revel Global Events, we believe in no-surprise, flawless execution.

Some of the advantages of partnering with a professional event management company include:

  • Access to your city’s most upstanding vendors, talent and designers
  • Superior customer- or attendee-focused planning
  • A team of dedicated experts that know what you want and how to get it done
  • New, fresh and innovative ideas from the best in the business

Not only do we stay ahead of the curve with our event planning endeavors, we operate on a “Be First, Be Best” mentality, securing our position as trendsetters in the industry. From the planning phases to event execution, our team of experts and enthusiasts work hard to bring your event goals to life — interjecting thoughtful creativity along the way. We create those “OMG” kind of magic moments that guests will be referencing for years to come.

Events Managed or Produced by Revel Global Events

Revel Global Events is Chicago’s premier event marketing agency, and it is not without reason. Our bold dedication to out-of-the-box thinking leaves clients with an event or production that goes far beyond what they imagined. We have handled and produced all kinds of events, including:

  • Corporate anniversaries
  • Sports events, such as baseball or boxing
  • Celebrity birthday parties
  • Destination management events
  • VIP events
  • Galas
  • Concerts
  • Commercial events

Revel Global Events has worked as the professional event management company for clients including Emirates, the Wood Family Foundation, Michelob Ultra and many more.

What Sets Revel Global Events Apart?

Revel Global Events surpasses other event planning companies in every aspect. When it comes to producing events, we are in a league all our own. What sets up apart?

  • Never-been-done-before events or event components
  • Uncharted standards of design when it comes to event creation
  • Value for people over profits
  • Keeping it real to get the event handled the right way
  • Unparalleled access to celebrities, performers and other talents for your event
  • Local professionals, such as travel and transportation experts

If you need help with your event, trust us when we say there’s no event too big and no detail too small with our event planning services. Reach out to Revel Global Events for more information.

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